Let's study the Shopping Science!

Red is a color that motivates me and invites me to take action, no wonder why it's chosen to represent the SALE seasons, it's always a good sign when the price tag is red, it doesn't matter if the reduction was 30% 50% or a ridiculous one Euro I only feel an itchiness in my hands that incites me to spend it all. This is just one of the tricks brands do to attract more consumers, other methods consist in controlling our senses. Music for example is an excellent way to make you stay more longer inside the stores, the more you enjoy the melody the more you want to buy up (They should ban Ellie Goulding's song Burn).

A few months ago, I read a revealing article titled 'The Science of Shopping' in COMPANY magazine (December 2013), where the writer Sophie Cullinane explained very well the phenomenon of scent-sensational shopping. She wrote "Out of all the senses, it's our sense of smell that the fashion industry is targeting -with good reason. Studies show that as humans we remember 5% of what we see, 2% of what we hear, and 1% of what we touch, compared to a massive 35% of what we smell."