Deja Vu: Embellished Maxi Dress

Did you know: Oscar De la Renta is credited with creating the very first maxi – a trend that has since graced a billion fashionable ankles. In 1968 the New York Times praised a full length cotton lace dress that De la Renta had designed for the Elizabeth Arden salon and a fashion phenomenon was born. The 60's movie Dr Zhivago is also credited with some of the success of the maxi as fans craved the romance of Julie Christie’s flowing gowns. 


Street Style Inspiration: Maxi Skirt

Expecting me to grovel,
she carefully covers both feet

with the hem of her skirt.
            She pretends to hide
            a coming smile
            and won't look straight at me.
                          When I talk to her,
                          she chats with her friend
                          in cross tones.
                                       Even this slim girl's rising anger
                                       delights me,
                                       let alone her deep love.



A color darker than black

'Colors are two kinds: black and the rest' -Underaveil

I had such a tough time the last week of November, hopefully December came in bringing along a stillness that helped me restore my accustomed serene spirit. In fact, I always found this month to be delightful and that it has a singular effect, during which I reach the maximum level of optimism, even though it represents the end of a year, it symbolizes the beginning of a fresh one. The perfect occasion to start prescribing my resolution list for next year and promising myself that the upcoming year I would do better.

But once January is here, February comes rushing in and my enthusiasm vanishes away, and I begin conceiving dark thoughts (Idées Noires) about my future, I feel depressed and start belittling myself. It's on those exact moments that I develop a bizarre attachment to the color black, primarily because it is all about sadness and negativity, I find myself favoring black clothes and don't hesitate to wear it from head to toe.

After overcoming the post-winter depression I feel more comfortable, I even stop having pessimistic attitude against life. Nevertheless, I stay loyal to this shade, trying to take advantage of it other sides. Even though Black was always associated with bad things in our language; black day, blackout, black cat, black list, black market ... and the list goes on since it describes perfectly the negative objects and situations we go through, we shouldn't forget that it also grants a refined and sophisticated appearance (the little black dress, the little black jacket...) to any outfit, no wonder why the Parisian chic was eternally linked to the color black.


How I became a Man Repeller

If you're reading this article, then I might have gone crazy and hit the 'publish' button, but don't worry if you read until the end all this rambling will become more clear. Please continue.

              As stated in man repeller's blog

It might sound strange, but I've never really enjoyed males company, and I absolutely don't feel comfortable around them; ouch! This clearly explains why my whole entourage is predominantly female. Unconsciously, I find myself casting away any guy's approach, and behaving differently when I sense any interest. My only remedy, to this awkward situation, is to create an invisible armor that evicts any sort of contact with men; this antidote is also known as 'Man Repelling'.

I firmly consider that I ought to be seen as an intellect not an appearance, so if this condition makes my dad the only man in my peripheral with whom I can get with and communicate with full ease, then I accept wholeheartedly this choice. And, I must admit that being a man repeller isn't bad at all, I feel more liberated from the recognition of the opposite gender, I totally don't care about what they like or don't about me.

Whenever I find myself facing a compromising situation, where I have to deal with boys, an inner voice tells me to do/avoid certain actions. In this article, I'm sharing with you my lifestyle as a man repeller.