How to wear: the pajama pants

Cloudy sky, rainy days, chilly wind, consistent flu, Yep! It's officially Autumn! I have a strong post-vacation depression making me feel low during the day, if I didn't have responsibilities I would have stayed in pajamas in my bed, reading books and magazines, but I'm an adult now. Therefore, I need to get on my feet and fight the sensation of indolence.

The great thing about fashion is that it grants you with the freedom of experiencing with unusual styles, making the uncomfortable wearable and the odd completely normal. When you feel like going out with your pajama pants don't think twice just do it! You only need to know how to combine it with everyday pieces.


A bag, a fashion personality type: Which one are you?

I always wanted to know more about myself, so I did go through a lot of personality tests, from Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to Left Brain/Right Brain creativity test. Nevertheless, I still don't have a clear image of which kind of personality I am. I guess I just have to live with the fact that my personality will always be versatile, depending on which stage of life I am.

But, how about deciphering which kind of FAHION persoanlity, each one of us, is? It will be a fun test to take, and you will definitely be 99% (I hope) sure that it is the real YOU.
The easiest and engaging test ever is brought to you by FARFETCH's cool tool: The big Five.

Design your own bag and find out which fashion personality type you are!

Start by designing your ideal type of bag, which genuinely represent your preferences. 
 And then scroll down to get to know which fashionista you are!!!

You designed your own bag, Bravo!!! so let's know which fashion camp you relate to the most.


Deja Vu: Cardigan under dress

Did you know that: Alfred Hitchcock, the famous English director, created fashion icons in all his films, which is considered a source of inspiration for many designers, like Prada, Carven, Louis Vuitton ... This season (AW 2014) is influenced by Rebecca-the movie (1940), where the heroine wears an open jacket with buttons, also known as 'Cardigan'.

Image Source: Vogue.it


Debut Collection: Episode #6

Although it's been a month now, it seems like it was yesterday. The last 17th of August we experienced many opposite feelings at the same time, fear, enthusiasm, headache, calmness, stress, satisfaction and even at one stage irritation. This was the first time we attended such a big event like 'La Poupée de Paris'. Many people were presents, some of them were familiar faces, but the rest were totally unidentified. 

Even though we carried out every single advice about networking for introverts explained in this IFB's article, we had a tough time there; the extreme joy couldn't in any manner neutralise a continuous troubled mood. Imagine a situation where a claustrophobic person is trapped in an elevator, despite being with his best friend he can't feel relaxed, well this was the precise description of our condition.


DIY Project: Grrrrrr meets Meow!

Cats aren't always the sweet and cute animals we know, they're also misterious and stubborn. In Morocco, for example, some old sayings alert us to keep cautious when stumbling upon cats (especially black ones), some people even think that they're haunted. I always thought that cats are adorable, however I've never been into it at the extent of owning one.

The Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Miu Miu's collection was the trigger for fashionistas to exhibit their inner catlike. And then it was a tsunami of féline inspiration, from Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Flats to BL TEE's Féline sweaters, and further on the street style looks were replete with Kenzo's tigers and Givenchy's panthers. 

In this post, we got inspired from an amazing project organized by IFB, and considering that we didn't start university yet, we had spare time to do some DIY projects, with 'CAT' as a leading character. We did a clutch with a hand-embroidered angry cat, polymer clay rings and finally a MEOW sweater.


Debut Collection: Episode #5 (The lookbook)

" What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet " William Shakespeare

A bouquet of roses was the start of this photoshooting, the roof was the location and family was the protagonist. Because all of us are rookies in this subject (especially my twin-sister, the photographer) all the work was unplanned, most of the ideas were spontaneous and albeit the model did some great moves, we chose only the pictures where she can't be identified, to protect her privacy.

Enjoy the lookbook, and don't forget to share with us your feedback.