Debut Collection: Episode #4

Several facts about our debut collection:

- We spent about 2,500MAD (≈223€) on this collection, only for fabrics and sewing supplies. All the pieces were homemade (with love), with a big help from our mother, who just graduated from a fashion school, so basically, it was like a training for her.

- Our bedroom was the main scenery during the whole creation process, tons of fabric rests were all over the place everyday, so we had to do a lot of cleaning (We should think seriously in acquiring our own workshop)


Debut Collection: Episode #3

Colors!... I remember when we were kids we used to mistake green with blue. The perception of the hues varies with age and state of mind. Pablo Picasso said once: 'Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions'.

Many studies prooved that color matters, since it represents 85 percent of the reason people decide to buy. In our debut collection, we chose various colors and fabrics, maybe because we're Moroccan, and in Morocco we like colors (just like Indians)! Maybe it's not the case in the rest of the world, and it's quite understandable, because of the weather, culture and society; that's what I read recently in an article in fashionmag.com


Debut Collection: Episode #2

I admit that realising a collection- as mini as it is- is a hard time, especially in Ramadan. I'm going to stop complaining and tell you more about this beautiful experience.
The theme of the fashion contest 'La Poupée de Paris', was 'The clash between Occident and Orient', wich is for me the same as saying 'The harmony between Occident and Orient'.

We participated with 7 designs, but only four of them will hit the runway, because we don't have enough time. The pieces we chose are modern, feminine and chic, however we added a traditional touch to each look to show the rich Moroccan heritage.

The trends we approached are the ones seen in the SS 2013 catwalks. As matter of fact, back in December we talked about how we're living in a DIY period, and we explored this world with 3D handmade flowers that we added to some pieces. We also got inspired from India, some cut here some embellishment there and we have our indian summer. The stripes trend is also present, combined with florals, following the Balmain resort collection 2013.


Debut Collection: Episode #1

Exciting News! We won a fashion design contest.

I dont't believe that, finally, we will be able to show, for the first time, our designs in 'La poupée de Paris's event. The most thrilling thing is that, other designers from different parts of the world, will also show their collections in the same fashion show.

This event is organised by Syndele Douazi, a hard-working student, who before even finishing her studies in 'Fashion Business' she began the first steps in her career. After the huge succes of the first edition in 2011, she decided to go for a second one this year.